Environmental Protection

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We uphold the concept of “a community of a shared future for mankind and nature, and impelling low carbon and recycling development with all our strength”, and the firm conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable treasures. Therefore, great importance has been attached to environmental protection. We have been working hard with long-time perseverance to protect the environment. We have comprehensively deepened the organic integration of environmental protection and economic growth, and coordinated and promoted green, recycling, and low-carbon development. We have integrated the work of ecological environmental protection into all aspects of production and operation, continued to spend more on pollution control, and to optimize environmental protection indicators, thus gaining significant economic and social benefits.

The treatment of “three wastes”, namely waste water, gas and solid”, and pollution reduction at source have been actively carried out. We have implemented a number of ecological environment up-to-standard projects and improvement projects including the system upgrading for treating nickel and cobalt containing sewage, the centralized off-gas treatment from nickel and copper smelting operation, and the recycling of hazardous waste in Jinchang City. Thanks to these projects, we have achieved standard discharge of exhaust gas and wastewater pollutants, and compliance disposal of industrial solid waste. Depending on the fine management of the smelting operation and the operation of environmental protecting facilities, the air quality in the city proper of Jinchang has reached the national first-level standard throughout the year, making contributions to better air quality, and achieving safe and clean production.