We have earnestly implemented the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping about production safety, and always put the life and safety of employees first. We have held firm to the bottom and red line that “development must not be achieved at the cost of safety” and adhered to the safety concept that “life and health must come first and all accidents are preventable”. We insiste that both CPC committees and governments are held accountable, officials take responsibility for workplace safety in performing their Party duties, multi parties coordinate to take responsibility together, and anyone who is found to fail his or her responsibilities must be held accountable, and stick to “three managements and three musts”, so as to implement the primary responsibility system for safe production. Pursuing “zero harm” in workplaces, we adhere to problem, goal and results orientation, and solidly carry out the special task of “reflection, inspection, rectification and improvement in large scale”. We have comprehensively promoted the intrinsic safety system establishment of the company, constructed a solid and detailed job in the double prevention mechanism, safety standardization and localization and professional safety management, and strengthened the prevention and control of safety risks and the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers.

We have vigorously implemented technology ensuring security strategy of “replacing workers with machines, downsizing workforce through automation, and unmanned operation through smart technology”, and deeply promoted the construction of “mechanization, automation, informatization and intellectualization”. With the solid foundation laid through the above measures, we have comprehensively improved the level of intrinsic safety. We have promoted and innovated the “Jinchuan Model”, a safety culture system with characteristics, and strengthened the construction of safety law and culture. We have built a cultural environment of “complying with rules and operating according to regulations”, and created a sound atmosphere of safety culture, so as to provide safety guarantee for high-quality development.